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Generic Function

This page contains the links to all 55 Generic Functions that this OIAm repository positions in the infrastructure landscape. They are grouped by the Working Area under which they reside.

Currently, we are in the process of the introduction of a renewed vocabulary. It is a further development of the Generic Functions presented below. There are a number of significant changes in the new approach:

  • The list of words that are present in the vocabulary is extended greatly.
  • A new distinction is made between Data/Object Type names and Function names. The idea is to freely enable the combinations of and <Function names>, as an expansion of the now known and documented combinations (e.g. ‘Identity Validation’). New combinations are for example ‘File Verification’ or ´Session Offloading´, et cetera. Of course combinations should be valid and meaningful, but it is up to the OIAm practitioner to choose combinations that fit the expression needed in a model.
  • Not all combinations will be documented as such, the ones that are derived from earlier development cycles of the vocabulary will be retained as examples of valid combinations and the way they can be documented.

Before the new vocabulary is implemented in the OIAr, it is presented at a special page. Everyone is invited to comment it on the corresponding 'Talk page'.

The new approach is aiming at giving more flexibility with and a broader usage of the vocabulary, while maintaining a proper degree of standardization.

Every Generic Function can also have a dedicated icon; a handy overview of the icons present can be found here. Generic Functions also have a brief description; the comprehensive list of GFs and their brief description can be found in this list.

Client Realm Middleware Network Security + Support Server Storage

There are no pending Generic Function proposals.

Client Realm Middleware Network Security + Support Server Storage

Note: the following Generic Function is deprecated:

Client Realm Middleware Network Security + Support Server Storage