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This is a Generic Service document GS Data Management Version: 0.2 OIAr logo
Document type: Generic Service Owner:

J.A.H. Schoonderbeek


This service provides its consumers the ability to manage "strictly structured data", i.e. it controls the creation, updating and querying of sets of organized data. The service may offer one or more of the following:

  • a "modeling language"
  • a "query language"
  • a "transaction mechanism"

An example of a facility offering a Data Management service is a database system.

Generic Pattern realizing this Generic Service

The following Generic Pattern realizes this Generic Service:
Data Management (This Pattern provides the ability to manage and make use of "strictly structured data", i.e. it controls the organization, querying, and retrieval of sets of organized data.)

Applied versions of this Generic Service

The following variants of this service have been defined:

Semantic query
No Applied Pattern based on this Generic Pattern (yet)