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This is a Generic Pattern document GP Facilities Monitoring Version: 0.4 OIAr logo
Document type: Generic Pattern Owner:

J.A.H. Schoonderbeek


This Generic Pattern belongs to "Operations". forthcoming

Functional and Integration view

This is the graphic representation of the functional model of this Generic Pattern:

Generic Pattern Facilities Monitoring

Framed Generic Pattern legend.png

Generic Pattern Composition

This pattern is an aggregation of the following (mandatory and optional) functions, expressed in Generic Functions:

Icon Function Inclusion Rationale
GF.Rules Engine icon Rules Engine recommended This function represents the intelligence that drives the services provided by the Pattern. Active collection of information, responses caused by incoming information, and ways and means to alert and/or report are all directed by (implicit or explicit) rules.
GF.Data Scanning icon Data Scanning recommended All data collected by the facility should be normalized, and must be investigated for patterns that signal noteworthy security or operational events.

Services connected with this Generic Pattern

This Generic Pattern has the following mandatory and optional relations with adjacent Generic Services.

Service Adjacency Summary Rationale
Data Management recommended This service provides its consumers the ability to manage strictly structured data. A Facilities Monitoring Pattern is likely to require some sort of structured data store to keep records of the data and events it has collected, reports generated et cetera.
Authentication & Authorization optional This service can validate an identity claim, and it can validate the permissions required for an action, as part of an Authentication & Authorization process. Access to the services provided by the Facilities Monitoring Pattern is likely to be limited to authorized personnel; furthermore, the Facilities Monitoring system itself may require permissions to be able to collect data from the facilities that it's monitoring

Applied Patterns based on this Generic Pattern

The following Applied Patterns are based wholly or in part on this Generic Pattern: