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This is a Generic Function document GF Content Handling Version: 0.2 OIAr logo
Document type: Generic Function Owner:

J.A.H. Schoonderbeek


This Generic Function belongs to Working Area Server. This function makes it possible to:

  • present content in a structured way, according to (pre)defined rules;
  • support multiple versions of the same piece of information, possibly with revision control;
  • preserve and manipulate content in a structured way, according to attributes that are applied to this content.

Thus, it provides the intelligence to search, show, order, correlate, link, back-up, restore, archive and delete/destroy content in an automated fashion.

Attribute types, that are commonly used to control the preservation and manipulation of content are:

  • data content classification (according to a predefined classification scheme or information model);
  • privacy classification;
  • data retention policy.


The image "Icon GF Content Handling.png" (shown below) can be used to represent this infrastructure function in graphical Pattern representations that it might be part of:

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Generic Patterns using this Generic Function

The following Generic Patterns use this function:

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Content HostingJ.A.H. Schoonderbeek3

Applied versions of this Generic Function

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