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This is a Generic Function document GF Configuration Register Version: 0.2 OIAr logo
Document type: Generic Function Owner:

J.A.H. Schoonderbeek


This Generic Function belongs to Working Area Security + Support. The Configuration Register function retains (centrally or dispersed) sets of configuration parameters for one or more IT facilities - either the actual, active set, or sets that could or should be used by the facility, or both. This function can be used to model the actual configuration of a facility, but also the records kept by IT Operations or Security for purposes of deployment or reference.


The image "Icon GF Configuration Register.png" (shown below) can be used to represent this infrastructure function in graphical Pattern representations that it might be part of:

Icon for this function

Generic Patterns using this Generic Function

The following Generic Patterns use this function:

Semantic query
Generic PatternOwnerMaturity
Facilities DeploymentJ.A.H. Schoonderbeek3
Facilities MonitoringJ.A.H. Schoonderbeek3

Applied versions of this Generic Function

The following variants of this function have been defined:

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No Applied Function based on this Generic Function (yet)
Brief descriptionThe Configuration Register function retains sets of configuration parameters for one or more IT facilities. +
Friendly nameConfiguration Register +
Function iconIcon GF Configuration Register.png +
OwnerJ.A.H. Schoonderbeek +
Page maturity2 +
PagetypeGF +
Version0.2 +
Working AreaSecurity + Support +