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You must have cookies enabled to log in to the Open Infrastructure Architecture Repository (OIAr). Registered users can use the credentials provided to them; people without accounts currently cannot log in - sorry.

To protect your account from unauthorized access, your wiki session is automatically ended after a period of inactivity. If your session ends, and the Logon page is not displayed, click on a link in the sidebar (e.g., Main Page), and you are redirected to the Logon page.

The OIAr may only be used for promoting infrastructure architecture. Any other use should be authorized beforehand by the site administrators. The site administrators may audit data entry, edits and/or deletions through this service. The login function is only intended for the owner of the user ID. Unauthorized use will lead to legal measures. By using this service, you accept BiZZdesign’s information security user policy, described in further detail in the brochure ‘Code of conduct for E-mail and Internet Use’. Furthermore, see the disclaimers below about additional rights and duties.