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The OIAm community day will be held in the afternoon of Wednesday June 18th 2014 in Utrecht, the Netherlands – slightly late for a spring event, but there you are.

Applying most of the feedback from the last event, we've somewhat adapted the format of the event, so as to make it practical: less presentations, more interaction. This means that, while there are still some informative presentations from organizations using OIAm (such as our host Equens), the main two parts of the event will be:

  • a set of fishbowl discussions, some of which have a given topic (such as workspace architecture, and infrastructure chain architecture), and some are free-form. Each fishbowl has a flip-over or whiteboard, and will be hosted by an architect experienced in the topic. You are free to move in and out of the discussion, and from one fishbowl to another. After an hour of engaging talks, we'll have a half-hour plenary discussion on the conclusions of each fishbowl by a panel of the discussion hosts.
  • an extended networking-and-drinks segment, where you're encouraged to engage in discussion with your fellows over a drink, and perhaps make use of one of the flip-overs or whiteboards.

This event is open to everyone who is connected directly to infrastructure architecture: primarily active community members and infrastructure architects who've just started using OIAm, but also everyone with a stake or interest in infrastructure architecture. If you have no experience with or knowledge of OIAM, then you may have an interest in following the functional modelling masterclass in the morning of the same day (announced separately).


This time, the OIAm community event is hosted in Utrecht at the headquarters of Equens, Europe's largest payment processor. The location, Eendrachtlaan 315, can easily be reached by car (free parking in the Equens parking garage) or public transport (train to Utrecht, then a short ride by tram or bus to Kanaleneiland-Zuid). For Equens' own route description, click here.


The day is planned to run from 13:00 to 17:30. The program looks like this:

13:00-13:10	Opening by the day chair – Erik Severijnen (Equens)
13:10-13:30	Equens and architecture – Erik Severijnen
13:30-14:30	Presentation: to be announced
14:30-15:30	Fishbowl discussions: to be announced
15:30-16:00	Plenary discussion of the conclusions of the fishbowls - panel of moderators
16:00-16:15	Day closing – Erik Severijnen
16:15-17:30	Networking, free discussion and drinks


Participation is free of charge, but the capacity of the day is limited to 100 participants. You may sign up by sending an e-mail to: community@infra-repository.org.