News:2013-04-15 Work on OIAr 2.0 has begun

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Announcement: Work on OIAr version 2.0 has begun
published 2013/04/15, written by J.A.H. Schoonderbeek, expires 2013/12/31

As part of the continuous development of the OIAm method, a new and improved version of the OIAr is being developed. You can now visit it and see how it's being created.

As mentioned in the news item of February 14th, the OIAr as a knowledge base requires updating to reflect the current state of the art. The updates impact not only the content, but also most of the structure of the OIAr. This has lead to the decision to create a whole new version of the OIAr. This new version will focus on the following improvements:

  • improved navigation for different types of users, such as OIAm users, contributors, stakeholders, people who are interested to learn about OIAm;
  • updated community content
  • OIAm theory and assumptions, well structured and easily navigated
  • example content, if possible with annotations by the organization where the content was created.

As the development takes place in the open, you can come see for yourself how the improvements are coming along. You are welcome to visit