Community event 2012-11-12 Holland Casino

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For those that were unable to attend the November 12th meeting: the community can look back on another successful event. Some 70 people visited the event at the atmospheric Holland Casino – special thanks to them for the hospitality and the most interesting guided tour of the casino.

The meeting had actually already started in the bar where many people grabbed the opportunity to (re)connect and talk shop, but at 14:15 Daniël Jumelet kicked off with an overview of where we stand as a community. Biggest news: this meeting was the last under the name of DYA|Infrastructure; Sogeti is succeeded by BiZZdesign as the main sponsor of the development of the method, and a new name has been selected that is not linked to any particular company: the “Open Infrastructure Architecture method”, abbreviated OIAm. Sogeti, represented by architecture unit manager Bert-Jan Dijenborgh, was thanked for their years of support. BiZZdesign, represented by consultancy director Roderick Schreuder, introduced itself as the new sponsor, and revealed a number of initiatives in the field of infrastructure architecture management, such as a new line of infrastructure architecture trainings, where participants can learn to use OIAm both at foundation and practitioner level, and the preparations for a new book (this time in English), that contains the current state of OIAm, as it has evolved extensively since the 2007 book.

Following these talks, there was a presentation by Niels van Hese, infrastructure architect at Holland Casino, who presented an insight into the development of the Holland Casino new workplace project. After answering questions from the audience, the attendants were divided in three groups, that were shown around the casino floors and areas, with many interesting and entertaining anecdotes.

After the tour, Daniël presented a new and improved architecture workflow that we've developed after studying work by prof. Gerrit Blaauw, where we successfully connect user requirements, archetypical patterns and the architect's products. Daniël then presented some preliminary results of a new infrastructure architecture product, tentatively named “cost control analysis”, in which architecture is used so that costs can be assigned to infrastructure functionality instead of assets. Work at KLM/AirFrance shows great promise, revealing some quite unexpected “hot spots” and “gems”. Time was running out, so the last topic “security through architecture” had to be dropped – it will be moved to the next community meeting.

After this busy program, the community members retreated to the Holland Casino bar, where many stayed for well over an hour for more conversation and discussion, and some even stayed for dinner and a little gambling. We're looking forward to the next event in the first half of 2013!